Joel Martinsson, zooming out.

Taking this “course” has been a tremendous experience. I write “course” because from early on I never saw the meetings, the webinars, or the assignments as part of my regular work load. Instead, the ONL201 provided a welcoming break from the sometimes-hectic academic life and the challenging time that we all, in our own ways,Fortsätt läsa ”Joel Martinsson, zooming out.”

Just-in-time for Blended Learning

Imagine you are lecturing in front of a full aula with over 100 students. The topic is parliamentary democracy in national context. A topic which, of course, is your favorite. The students are mainly freshmen at the University. Since you reaaaaaaaaly want the lecture to go well, you have bunkered down for days: reading upFortsätt läsa ”Just-in-time for Blended Learning”

Why everyone hates group work (and what do about it).

“This assignment will be a group work”. When I as a bachelor and master student heard the teacher utter this sentence, two things immediately came to my mind: (1) not again and (2) if I can choose my own group member, who should I choose? Everyone of course reacts in different way to the prospectFortsätt läsa ”Why everyone hates group work (and what do about it).”