Joel Martinsson, zooming out.

Taking this “course” has been a tremendous experience. I write “course” because from early on I never saw the meetings, the webinars, or the assignments as part of my regular work load. Instead, the ONL201 provided a welcoming break from the sometimes-hectic academic life and the challenging time that we all, in our own ways,Fortsätt läsa ”Joel Martinsson, zooming out.”

Just-in-time for Blended Learning

Imagine you are lecturing in front of a full aula with over 100 students. The topic is parliamentary democracy in national context. A topic which, of course, is your favorite. The students are mainly freshmen at the University. Since you reaaaaaaaaly want the lecture to go well, you have bunkered down for days: reading upFortsätt läsa ”Just-in-time for Blended Learning”

Why everyone hates group work (and what do about it).

“This assignment will be a group work”. When I as a bachelor and master student heard the teacher utter this sentence, two things immediately came to my mind: (1) not again and (2) if I can choose my own group member, who should I choose? Everyone of course reacts in different way to the prospectFortsätt läsa ”Why everyone hates group work (and what do about it).”

Getting Started with Online Teaching: Respecting Digital Differences & Learning from Your Elders

This reflective blog post comes at an interesting time for online teaching. The spread of COVID-19 has not only meant that professors at Harvard have had to replace handshakes with ‘elbow bumps’, but also that many classes simply had to be moved online to avoid contact. This move might however not be as simple asFortsätt läsa ”Getting Started with Online Teaching: Respecting Digital Differences & Learning from Your Elders”