About me: Joel Martinsson

Welcome to my website! I am a PhD candidate in political science at Linnaeus University. I am currently on a visiting research fellowship (Riksdagsstipendiet) at the Swedish Parliament doing research for my dissertation. Beside my research I host the podcast Demokratibyggarna (Democracy Builders), a podcast where I invite prominent guests to dive deeper into the role, responsibility, and potential for various actors in society to strengthen democracy.


I have a broad interest in theoretical and empirical research on democratic governance. I am currently conducting research in the Swedish Parliament for my dissertation (monograph) as a visiting research fellow. In my research I combine a variety of methods, ranging from elite-interviewing to experimental methods. I am affiliated with the ‘Governance, Ethics and Corruption’ research group and the knowledge environment ’A questioned Democracy’ at Linnaeus University.


Teaching is important to me. I have an active-learning teaching philosophy: mixing networked-based learning, JITT-methods, and flipped-classroom techniques to reach students in all parts of their learning process. I primarily teach Public Administration, Research Methods, and Representative Democracy, but I have also taught European Union Politics and International Politics. During spring 2020 I presented my pedagogical work about JITT teaching in political Science at the DELTA-conference.

Podcast: Demokratibyggarna

Democracy Builders is about all those who build our democracy: citizens, journalists, authorities, community organizations and democracy enthusiasts. The podcast we explores their stories, challenges and passion to better understand how we together as a society can continue to develop a democracy that never should be taken for granted. You can find the podcast at Spotify, Apple Podcast, or in the link below.