Joel Martinsson

Welcome to my website! I am a second-year PhD Candidate in Political Science at Linnaeus University. I study political ethics, host the podcast “Demokratibyggarna”, and write a blog about teaching in higher education. 



A Swedish Theory of Political Ethics.

Working paper

Controlling Systemic Corruption. [R&R]

Working paper

JITT-Teaching for Political Science. [Presented at DELTA-Conference].


European Union Politics
Grading teacher and seminar leader on European policy-making, EU-Democracy and EU integration.

Representative Democracy
Lecturer in corruption analysis and seminar leader.

Public Administration Lecturer in gender and ethics; the Swedish parliament; and the Swedish judicial branch.

International Politics Lecturer in feminist foreign policy analysis.

Research Methods
Lecturer in qualitative and quantitative research methods.


I am PhD Candidate in Political Science at Linnaeus University, affiliated with the ‘Governance, ethics and Corruption’ research group since 2018 and the knowledge environment ‘A questioned Democracy’ since 2019. In my dissertation I explore the role of political ethics and democratic values. My general research interests are in democratic theory, political ethics, corruption, and mixed-method research methodology.

Teaching is important to me. I have an active-learning teaching philosophy: mixing networked-based learning, JITT-methods, and flipped-classroom techniques to reach students in all parts of their learning process. Lecturing at a rural University in Sweden, I have a specific interest in pedagogical techniques suitable for non-traditional university students.  Find out more about my thoughts on teaching and the latest research at my blog here.

I host the podcast “Demokratibyggarna”. In the podcast we dive deeper into the role, responsibility, and potential for various actors in society to strengthen our democracy.

Podcast: Demokratibyggarna